Nord Stream 2

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November 14, 2016
Bardegg 2 Pipeline Project
January 2, 2017

Nord Stream 2

Project Name Nord Stream 2
Project Owner Nord Stream 2 AG
Year of Completion 2016 (On-going)
Scope of Work 2,400 km of 48" pipes
Supply of concrete weight coatings, pipe storage and logistics
Project Location Baltic Sea

Nord Stream 2 is a planned pipeline through the Baltic Sea, which will transport natural gas over 1,200km from the world's largest gas reserves in Russia via the most efficient route to consumers in Europe.

Nord Stream 2 will largely follow the route and design of the successful Nord Stream pipeline. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline involves two parallel 48 inch lines, roughly 1,200 km, each starting from south-west of St Petersburg (a Russian port city on Baltic Sea) and ending at German coast, Greifswald.

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