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Stewardship in Sustainability

For the Betterment of Our Business, Our People and the Future

Sustaining the health of the environment and the people while maintaining a healthy bottom line involves the integration of three key factors: social, economic, and environmental. At Wasco Energy, we take this seriously. Which is why we are constantly assessing our business model to inject sustainable innovation strategies. Addressing how we can equally accommodate all three factors to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future.

Our Sustainability Policy

At Wasco, we endeavor to be admired for our excellence, innovation and sustainable value creation in everything we do. By integrating economic, social and environmental elements into the core of our business processes, we are steadfastly creating value that goes beyond the boundaries of business.

As we set our sights on continuously growing in a sustainable manner for the benefit of our shareholders, our employees, the communities that we serve, the environment and our other stakeholders, we are guided by our three pillars of sustainability:

Our Initiatives Toward Sustainability:
When Small Steps Become a Giant Leap

To uphold our sustainability promise and commitment we have embarked on several initiatives that are making a tangible impact on our operations, diverse stakeholders and most important, the environment.

Turning Data into Opportunities

In 2011 we mounted an initiative to measure the organization’s carbon outputs and load profile to develop an expansive and reliable inventory of our GHG emissions and removals. It was an undertaking to quantify and ensure compliance with global specifications and requirements. Together with our partners, affiliates, contractors and the entire supply chain, we employed a comprehensive system to amass and organize data related to each emission source. Allowing us to pin-point and address the problematic segments, while continuing to fuel the momentum within the accomplished sectors. While the effort seemed exhaustive, it certainly proved its mettle. Earning Wasco Energy the much coveted Carbon Footprint Certification or ISO 14 064-1.

You can download a copy of our Wasco's ISO14064-1 here

An immutable element within Wasco Energy’s seven core values, corporate social responsibility is practically part and parcel of our business model when it comes to leaving a legacy of positive and impactful contributions to society and the environment.

The Yayasan Wah Seong Scholarship Awards

Education is one of the chief indicators of social progress. It plays a key role in empowering society to achieve self-sustainability and equal development.

Since 2008, Wasco Energy has granted full-ride tertiary education scholarships via our holdings company and trustee fund Yayasan Wah Seong to more than 50 financially-challenged yet highly deserving candidates. To date, we’re looking to boost the number of recipients across more disciplines. With the hope to not only propagate the importance of higher education toward a more progressive society. But also inspire other organizations to come on board and invest for the better of future generations.