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Modular Containerized Hospital Solution


Wasco recently developed a Modular Containerized Hospital Solution to address the lack of rapidly deployable medical facilities, especially during health emergencies such as COVID-19. Wasco Med-Con is quickly built, deployed, and easily assembled as either stand-alone or an extension to an existing medical facility.

Engineered Design by Experts

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Wasco leveraged on its world-renowned expertise in designing & constructing modularized buildings to quickly develop an innovative Modular Containerized Hospital Solution as our calling to address the shortage of medical facilities experienced globally.


Wasco Modular Containerized Hospital Solution is designed for easy deployment and assembly suited for any site conditions. This includes ICU, treatment, laboratory and quarantine rooms, or just surge space for non-critical patients - A perfect solution for the health sector anywhere in the world.

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