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Fitness for Service

Asset Integrity Services

Pipeline systems are the backbone of the critical infrastructure of the oil and gas industry. Since much of the industry’s infrastructure lifecycle is solely dependent on its capacity to run smoothly, effectively and accurately; it takes greater clarity and accuracy over conventional methods to avert spills and ruptures while saving money and lives. To date, our key areas of expertise include corrosion protection to life cycle extension and maintenance inspection. And to ensure optimum operations, the utmost productivity gains while meeting safety and environmental concerns; we provide total solutions from expert attention, specialist services, all the way to quality products and materials.

The WASCO Advantage

  • Fully-integrated services and solutions
  • Up to 75% in OPEX reduction
  • Most innovative and best-in-class facilitation
  • 100% committed from deliberation to completion

Our extensively advanced niche technology skills delivers reduced OPEX during the lifespan of the subsea assets.

Mass Flow Excavation

Armed with over 20 years’ experience, an unrivalled industry track record and a complete fleet of tools and equipment, we deliver flexible, cost-effective and efficient solutions to meet all client needs and demands.

Our partnership with marine services experts James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) has enabled us to successfully complete over 500 projects across 50 countries, on time and within budget.

Industry Partner

We are industry partner for JFSE. For further information and details on Mass Flow Excavation , please email us at

Specialist Subsea Gaskets

Our partnership with Flexitallic, the market leader in the manufacture and supply of static sealing solutions, meets the quality assurance required of every project no matter the scale. Flexitallic’s gaskets are precision-engineered to resist practically every known corrosive and toxic element.

Together we provide over 100 years of expert experience in manufacturing and supplying innovative sealing solutions to the subsea market.

Industry Partner

We are industry partner for Flexitalic. For further information and details on Specialist Subsea Gaskets, please email us at

Smart Bands®

Developed and manufactured by one of the world’s leading clamping solutions providers HCL, the Smart Band® is one of the industry’s strongest plastic bands and buckle systems.

Our two-decade long partnership with this renowned manufacturer has effectively enhanced our capacity and capabilities when it comes to employing quality subsea and downhole clamping solutions.

Industry Partner

We are industry partner of HCL. For further information and details on Smart Band, please email us at

Why Wasco?

At Wasco Energy we understand the importance of avoiding failures and downtime of your Assets. Ensuring the integrity and performance assets is crucial to guarantee production targets and budgets are met.

Wasco ensure that subsea projects/interventions are carried out with the requirement of OPEX reduction and Asset life extension at the forefront of our execution strategy.

Wasco Asset Integrity Services can help reduce OPEX by up to 75% and simplify Inspection, Repair and Maintenance interventions through Innovative best in class services with only one interface for our clients.